Are we Sure Madison Should be Partying this Much (The Real World Skeletons Episode 11 Recap)


I’m back, super late to the party, but still an enthusiastic guest.  We’re almost finished with the second gimmicky season of The Real World, and for the most part I’d say they’ve been a success.  The skeleton’s, aside from Tony’s, haven’t really delivered the drama that we got from the ex’s, but this season has been enjoyable none the less.  Also props to this season for mending some fences between Bruno and his brother, and Madison and her sister, it’s rare that this show helps heal the drama in someone’s life.  Anyways, enough with the overview, let’s get into my take aways from this weeks episode.

-Food really gets this cast fired up.  From Bruno going nuclear when the boys ate his burgers, (side note: even though I’m not a huge Bruno fan, I do ride with him on this one, people stealing your food is very upsetting) to Violetta losing it after having Jell-O thrown on her while she was sleeping, food really draws out a reaction from this cast.

-One of the big story lines this week was the arrival of Madison’s skeleton, and based on her sketchy past, it seemed like this could be the most explosive skeleton of the season.  However, instead of it being one of her former drug related associates, it’s her sister, and the potential for drama is squashed.  The visit mostly ends up being a time for the sister’s to reconcile, and work through the hurt that was caused while Madison was abusing drugs.  One bit on contention does occur between the two when Rachel (Madison’s sister) is not eager to party with the housemates at the club.  Rachel says she didn’t come to the house to party, and this brings up a good point.  Should Madison, someone who has only been clean a little over a year, be out partying all the time on this show.  As someone who has made several questionable decisions themselves while intoxicated, it seems like this is not the best course of action for Madison.  Just look at the recent relapse by Josh Hamilton, someone who almost certainly has a bigger support network than Madison, and it seems like coming on this show might not have been the best thing for her. (Of course I haven’t heard anything about her having a relapse, so I might just be completely wrong about everything).

-Has there ever been a relationship that seemed more doomed to fail than Tony and Madison.  Tony agreeing with Bruno that Rachel is better looking is just the latest sign that these two have zero chance of staying together long-term.  As pointed out on the excellent Right Reasons podcast on, Tony has a tattoo of his name spelled backwards on his shoulder.  Fun fact about the name Tony, in reverse it spells y not, which seems to be Tony’s approach to women.  If a girl approaches Tony at the club and wants to make out, his mental response “why not.”  Tony’s behavior would be reasonably acceptable for a college frat guy, but seeing as how the show lists his age as 26, it’s really time for Tony to grow up and act like more of an adult.

-The other major storyline this  week was the birth of Jason’s baby.  Congrats to him, he seems pretty genuine in his determination to be present in the baby’s life, unlike his own father who was absent while Jason was growing up.  It was nice to see the guys support Jason in this moment, sadly Nicole was the missing “wolf pack” member, as she had to go back to Brooklyn for a few days for her job as an EMT.   It will also be interesting to see how new daddy Jason reacts to the arrival of his skeleton, reportedly his absentee father.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Next week looks fairly promising, we will see who the flowers Madison received at the end of the episode are from, and Tony doesn’t appear to be the guys biggest fan (another reason these two are doomed).  Also there is a confrontation between Tony and Sylvia/Jason, after Tony steals a bottle and is called “white trash” by Sylvia, and finally it appears that Bruno’s romance with Carla may be coming to an end.  Things are winding down, but it looks like this season still has some gas left in the tank, see you next week for another recap.

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Never Count your Chicks Before They’re Hatched (The Bachelor Fantasy Dates Week Recap)



…Especially when you’re in a temple in Bali surrounded by chickens on your quest for “forever love” with a corn farmer from Iowa and his two other girlfriends.

There’s good news reality tv show friends, I’m back!!  After almost a year absence I’ve decided to return to the blogging game.  I’d been considering coming back for while, these past few months have been full of reality tv action, but it took having a virgin in the fantasy suite to finally push me over the edge.  I probably won’t be posting quite as regularly as I used to, but I’m happy to be back, and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all.  Now that I’ve got that out-of-the-way, let’s jump right in and exploring one of the greatest weeks in reality programming, fantasy suites week on The Bachelor.

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Love in the Fast Lane (The Challenge Free Agents Episode 2 Recap)


I want to start off this week’s recap by saying I’m loving this season of The Challenge so far.  The draw has really put in an added dimension of suspense about who is going home that week, and instead of just watching Johnny Banana’s pick off rookies, we got to see challenge heavyweight Frank go into elimination for the second week in a row.  It’s possible that I’m just loving this format because none of my favorites have gone home yet, or because Dustin got sent packing this week and I was saved from watching another Jessica romance play out on-screen, whatever the reason, the point is that I’m in on this season.  This week we got our first big fight of the season, some stomach turning courtship between Jessica and Dustin, and the always suspenseful elimination round, so let’s get started.


We open the show with Jessica and Dustin cuddling on the couch.  Dustin tells Jessica that everyone in the house keeps telling him how much they like her.  WHAT?!  I’m sorry, I try not to be overly judgmental, but Jessica is just SO annoying, I can’t understand how the people in the house like her.  I give her tons of credit for getting into shape for this challenge, that takes a lot of work and I was impressed.  However, it looks like she spent so much time working on her body that she had no time left over to work on her incredibly annoying personality.  Despite that fact that other people on the show do seem to genuinely like her, as was evidenced by them going to bat on Twitter for her against her attackers, so maybe there is some part of Jessica that I’m missing.  The only thing I was really looking forward to with Jessica on this season was seeing if she would stick to her vow of purity that she took during her Real World season, but with Dustin gone I think that story line is pretty much dead.

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Live Free or Die (The Challenge: Free Agents Premiere Episode Recap)


It’s finally here, season 25 of The Challenge is upon us!  If last nights hour and a half premiere taught us one thing, it’s that this will be the hardest season to predict the outcome in the history of The Challenge.  I went into this season believing that despite what the previews had said, there was no way this would legitimately be an individual challenge, but after watching the first episode it truly is an every man for themselves format.  Each week the contestants will compete in either a group, pair or individual challenge, the winners on that day get to pick one male and female to go into the elimination round.  The twist that makes this an individual game is that the selected persons opponent is determined by all other losing players from that day flipping over a card.  If the card you flip is blank your safe, but if you get the “kill card” you are heading into the elimination round.  This twist proved it was going to stir things up right away when vets Jemmye and Frank were sent into elimination on night one.  I think everyone really needs to give kudos to the creative team at Bunim/Murray, they have pulled off legitimate game changing twists two series in a row, first with The Real World Ex-Plosion, and now with this new format for The Challenge.  Despite the fact that this twist has the potential to blow up my predictions for this season, I’m still super excited to see this show play out, so let’s get right into and talk about what happened last night.

As always, to kick the show off the entire cast meets up with TJ in the elimination arena to learn what the theme of this season will be.  The best part of this is watching all the people who have always used alliances to hide their limited abilities, and seeing how worried they look when they find out this is an individual game.  Another highlight from the opening segment of the show was the always entertaining Jasmine declaring that she is single for the first time on The Challenge, and that she wants to be “the whore of the house.”  (a title she is trying to steal away from her Real World Cancun cast mate, Jonna.  Also doesn’t Jasmine always hook up on The Challenge? Since when does it matter if you’re single on this show?)  Now for a few other quick takeaways from this opening segment:

-If this was a basketball competition Theresa would be the favorite, as she almost beat CT in a game of strip bball.  Unfortunately for her I don’t think there’s going to be much basketball involved in the actual challenges, so she’s probably in trouble.

-Laurel is back, which is awesome, but she said she was going to be nicer this time around.  Who wants a nice Laurel?  That sounds like a terrible plan to me.

-Oh Jessica, you are such a crazy b*tch.  Jessica declares that she didn’t come on the show to find a boyfriend, but then immediately follows that up by talking about how great Dustin is.  Dustin better watch out, his picture could be in a “family” picture frame next to Jessica’s bed any day now.

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The Ex-odus (The Real World Ex-Plosion Finale and Sh*t they Should have Shown Recap)


We made it, the finale of The Real World Ex-Plosion is upon us (actually I guess it’s past us since it was last night).  Last week’s episode ended with Brian and Cory getting into it in the van on the way home from the club, and we were left to ponder the outcome of the fight for an entire week.  Well, as it turns out, the fight wasn’t that exciting, it didn’t come close to the levels of violence and insanity Nia went to last season.  Aside from this initial brief fight, and another crazier outburst from Brian later in the episode, this finale was basically a love fest, especially amongst the “OG’s.”  Despite the fact that this finale didn’t pack the punch the show was teasing us with, this has still been one of the best seasons in years, and the “Sh*t they Should have Shown” show is always a good time, so let’s talk about them.


The fight between Cory and Brian got broken up when production finally showed that the “no fighting” policy is still somewhat in place.  Tom and Jay are attempting to pull Brian and Cory apart when a member of production shows up at the door to the van and insists Brian get out and get in their van.  Production then kept Brian in a separate location until Cory was asleep to keep the drama to a minimum.  (probably a good idea because Brian kicked Cory in the nose and he was really unhappy about it).  Not being able to fight with Cory anymore doesn’t stop Brian from fighting, he just moves on to his favorite target, Jenny.  Brian gets back to the house and continues to lament to Jenny that he wasted five years of his life on her, and claims that she has “ruined his brain,” which could explain a lot of things.  One could argue that coming to, and then refusing to leave the show is Brian choosing to waste more time on Jenny, but I doubt he see’s it that way.  Jenny decides on a very effective way to get rid of Brian, she dumps water all over his bed.  Brian leaves to sleep in another room, but still insists that he is staying until the end no matter what.

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It’s Go Go Time! (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 11 Recap)


Ok, so confession time, ever since they aired the preview of the new season of The Challenge, I’ve been kind of out on this season of The Real World.  I think a lot of other fans of the two series are feeling this way as well, and MTV attempted to draw the viewers back in by teasing a fight between Cory and Brian on last nights episode.  The only problem is that in classic Real World fashion, the fight didn’t take place until the final minutes of the show, and ended up being a “to be continued” situation.  As a result last nights episode was pretty dull, there was lots of feelings from Brian, Jenny started a new go-go dancing career, and Tom acted like an ass at a winery.  So, since I’m still pretty burned out from The Challenge preview I posted yesterday, (which you should go check out) and since last nights episode was nothing to write home, (or in a blog about) I’m just going to share some thoughts I had while watching last night, instead of going with the full on recap.

-Do you think the “OG” guys purposely leave Brian out, or does it just work out that way because he’s such a weirdo?

-Do we really need to know how everything makes Brian feel?  For awhile it was kind of funny to see this tough guy talk about his feelings all the time, but it’s starting to get a little old and boring.

-There’s no way Jenna hit Jay in the balls with the football by accident, and I applaud her passive aggression.

-Do you think Arielle is really into fetish culture or do you think she’s just trying to freak out the other roommates?  Because between that erotic dinner and the Folsom St. fair I’m starting to wonder.

-Jenny’s ability to pull food out of nowhere is amazing.  First that hot dog that was in her purse, and now she comes up with a random subway sandwich on the way to start her go-go dancing job.

-Brian telling Tom to “feather away” and then Jay saying “he’s not going to feather anywhere” is one of the greatest exchanges in bro fight history.

-What’s going on with Brian’s lip in this episode? Did someone already punch him in the face and we missed it, or is he having like a herpes flare up.

-Only people from The Real World would take a party bus with a stripper pole on their trip to Napa Valley.

-The group probably should have called it a day after the spa.  Tom especially really didn’t need to go to a winery and drink more, but I’m glad he did because the results were great.

-I was starting to judge Tom for his drunken behavior at the winery, but then I remembered that would probably be me if I went on a wine tour with a group of friends and my judging turned to shame.

-I really liked how obvious this Bianca girl at the club was about just wanting to be on camera.  I wonder if there’s been people like this in past seasons, and they just edited out the part where the person keeps asking where the camera’s are to try to make the show seem more “real.”

-Brian has been looking to fight Cory since the minute he got into the house, and he finally gets his wish.  It looks like the fight in the van gets broken up pretty quickly, but they get into it again after they get back to the house.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, sorry but like I said the interesting stuff in this episode didn’t happen until the last 2 minutes, so there wasn’t a lot to talk about.  Next week we get to see the rest of the fight between Cory and Brian, and then it will be time to say goodbye to The Real World Ex-Plosion.  See you next Thursday for another recap, and check out my preview of The Challenge: Free Agents to hold you over until then.

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If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here is the link.

The Challenge: Free Agents (Preview of the Girls)


And we’re back.  Earlier I chimed in with my opinions on how I think the guys side of things in the latest season of The Challenge will play out, and now I’m back to give my preview of the girl’s side of things.


Aneesa Ferreira, The Real World Chicago

Physical Game: 6

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 6.5

Overall: 6

I’ve always been an Aneesa fan, but I think we all know this isn’t going to happen for her at this point.  Aneesa’s best finish in The Challenge did come in an “every man for himself” duel format, so that gives some hope, but Aneesa just isn’t in good enough shape physically to win a final. (not trying to hate, I couldn’t run that final either, just sayin).   That being said, I still like having Aneesa around, she always provides some good soundbites, and it’s been interesting watching her progression over the years from a person in the middle of fights to the person breaking them up.  (She did just get in a fight with Trishelle last season, but in her defense Trishelle is crazy, so who can blame her).  Aneesa has no chance to win, but she has made quite a few friends  through her many years on the show, and I think she has a good chance to make it late in the game.  Honestly with how weak these seasons girls are I wouldn’t be shocked to see Aneesa make the final, I just can’t see her winning.


Camila Nakagawa, Spring Break Challenge

Physical Game: 7.5

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 7

Overall: 7

Another cast member I have always liked, and this one has a much better chance than Aneesa.  Camila may be small, but she is a pit bull, and that has helped her be very successful on these challenges.  Camila’s determination, along with her relationship with Johnny Banana’s mean she will probably do well on this show.  There are really only two other strong female competitors, (Laurel and Cara Maria) and as long as Camila keeps her patented drunken freak outs to a minimum, I think she has a great shot to make the finals.


Cara Maria Sorbello, The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

Physical Game: 8.5

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 2.5

Overall: 7.5

Moving on from likeable cast members, let’s talk about Cara Maria.  I try to feel bad for Cara Maria, as she is frequently the target of harassment from her fellow cast members, but if there is a big group of diverse people and they all don’t like you, there has to be something behind that.  I think the tipping point for me was last season when Cara Maria managed to get into it with Emily Schromm, one of the nicest and most likable cast members in this shows history.  Also it’s hard to feel bad for Cara Maria when she keeps signing up to come on these shows, if these people really make you so miserable why don’t you avoid them?  The good news for Cara Maria is that she has one of her only allies in the history of this show, Laurel, around to help her out during this season.  The other good news for Cara Maria is that as I’ve already mentioned, this season has an especially weak group of girls.  Even though I find her incredibly annoying, I can’t deny that Cara is a great athlete, although she does have a history of under performing on these shows.  The only thing I can see keeping Cara Maria from the final is her being thrown into the elimination round every week, which tends to happen to her on these shows.  Cara’s biggest obstacle keeping her from winning for the girls (other than Laurel) is that despite her claims that she has taken lessons, she is a terrible swimmer, and swimming often plays a role in the final challenge (Cara Maria’s swimming is like Shaq’s free throw shooting).  Right now I’m feeling a second place finish for Cara Maria, but I could see her going out early if she gets thrown into elimination repeatedly and gets upset.


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The Challenge: Free Agents (Preview of The Guys)





It’s almost time folks.  In just a few short weeks time America’s fifth major sport will be returning for a new season.  After several team and partner themed seasons, this year marks the return to an “every man for himself” challenge, similar to The Duel.  The two seasons of The Duel are some of my favorite in challenge history so I was excited to see this format return, even if the claim that there is no alliances is total bs.  Free Agents is a little different from previous Duel seasons, as there will apparently still be partner and team competitions, even though it is technically still an individual game.  This season after each competition the male and female winner will choose a member of each gender to compete about the male and female loser on that day in an elimination round called “The Draw” (possibly the least scary sounding elimination round in challenge history).  The show kicks off on Thursday April 10th at 10 pm, and to hold you over until we get to the premiere, I’m going to evaluate all the male and female contestants on their chances of winning this season of The Challenge.  I’m going to look at the guys side today, and I’ll be back with a preview of the girls on Friday.

The Guys


Brandon Nelson, Fresh Meat II

Physical Game: 5

Mental Game: 3

Social Game: 4.5

Overall: 4

Overall:  Like in every other challenge he has done, Brandon has no chance here (sorry Brandon).  He isn’t athletic enough to win any challenges by himself, and he doesn’t ever seem to have a ton of friends in the house.  The one area Brandon does a decent job is in elimination rounds, and while he isn’t super popular he isn’t hated either.  I see an early to mid show exit for Brandon.  While I think he should have a mediocre finish like he always does, based on some Twitter messages it seems like Brandon has been hanging out with Knight a lot, this is something that could hurt him as Knight is not a very popular guy with other challenge contestants, but their bonding may have started after this show filmed.


Brandon Swift aka Swift, The Real World St. Thomas

Physical Game: 7

Mental Game: 5

Social Game: 3

Overall: 3

Ok, so confession time, I didn’t watch The Real World St. Thomas so this was a tough one to evaluate.  Obviously based on his picture he’s in great shape, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to doing well in the challenges.  Also the only person from his season on the show is fellow rookie LaToya, who he apparently was interested in at one point in their season, but ultimately decided he’d rather go after other girls, so I don’t see them being great friends.  He also seems a little cocky, which is never good for a rookie.  This feels like a classic case of rookies go home first, unless he can find a way to save himself through winning some competitions and stick around long enough to gain some allies.


Chet Cannon, The Real World Brooklyn

Physical Game: 6

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 7

Overall: 6.5

Chet typically does pretty well in these challenges.  Despite his hipster nerd appearance, Chet is solid in physical competition, and his social game is always solid.  The only person from his season on this challenge is Devyn, and the two have never really been best friends.  I don’t see that hurting Chet much though, as Devyn probably won’t be sticking around too long, based on her weak physical game, and the fact that other than Big Easy, no one ever seems to like her that much.  I think it’s possible Chet could make the final, but it’s more likely he will be one of the last people eliminated before the finale.  Even if he does make the final I have a hard time seeing Chet beating guys like CT and Zach in a physical competition, so a puzzle would have to seriously come in to play for him to have a shot at winning.


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Another One Bites the Dust (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 10 Recap)



Man, this years Real World house should have a revolving door out front, because cast members keep entering and leaving this show.  After her fight with Tom last week Hailey has to choose between leaving or staying in the house and making Tom’s life a living hell.  While it would have been a lot more exciting for viewers if Hailey stuck around to harass Tom and Jamie, she decides it’s best for her to pack her bags and head back home.  This marks the third cast member departure of the season.  We also got a brief visit from Ashley Mitchell this week.  Personally I was hoping we’d get another hamburger to the face level incident, but Ashley’s return was fairly mellow, and the only real negative result was that Brian’s feelings were hurt by her taking Jenny out to party.  (For a guy who cheated on someone like a week ago, and then got broken up with, Brian really feels a big need to share his feelings and emotions with Jenny at all times).  Overall this week’s episode was a little dull, it seems like it was a filler episode between the fight with Tom and Hailey last week and the fight with Brian and Cory next week, but let’s break down what happened in the episode anyways.

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Thanks to Brian my Dreams of being an Astronaut are now Alive Once Again (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 9 Recap)



The best thing we got out of last night’s episode of The Real World Ex-Plosion was a preview for the new season of The Challenge (link to video).  Aside from that good news, last nights episode was a little bit of a downer.  I’m not sure why Jenna and Jay’s relationship drama bums me out so much, but it’s just not fun to watch, and at this point I’m pretty much over the Tom/Jamie/Hailey triangle, so even that fight didn’t excite me that much.  Luckily we got to see some of the hilarious bromance between Cory and Brian, and the preview promised the return of everyone’s favorite hot mess, Ashley Mitchell, so last nights episode wasn’t all bad, let’s take a look at what happened.

While with the possible exception of Arielle and Ashley C. I don’t think any of the exes from this show should really be trying to get back together, there are times when Brian and Jenny seem kind of perfect for each other.  During the segment featuring his “bromance” with Cory, Brian came out with some real gems that prove he’s as much of a crazy weirdo as Jenny.  First Brian tells Cory that he wants to go into space, saying being an astronaut is “easier than it was before” due to all the technology.  Brian then tells Cory that he would be a good dermatologist.  Personally, I’m not even sure Cory can spell dermatologist, luckily he seems to know that isn’t his ideal career path.

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